Aeneas Heroic Dogginess | Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Aeneas Heroic Dogginess

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

sex dog
birthday 3. 12. 2006
birthplace Slovakia
colour black brindle, white marks
stud status stud
HC test clear certificate
L‑2‑HGA test clear certificate

Aeneas alias Gucci is our first male of Staffordshire Bull Terrier. I have to say that it was him why we totally felt in love with males. Probably because of big contrast of bulky muscular body with expression of killer against unbelievable charm and affectionate (which is of course seen only by us, or admirers of Staffordshire Bull Terrier). The amazing thing about this dof is his expression especially if he does something bad (like tearing down half of lino from the floor, destroyed carpet or damaged muzzles..). When you see him, with is guilty and apologetic face, you would even commend him for that.

Gucci is like a big baby, straight, always ready to do anything with a lot of enthusiasm (and force). Which we can’t deny is his the feature of whole breed – intelligence which may be seen both in everyday life and training. Sometimes I feel like crazy person when I hear myself telling him things like: „We’ll go out after you wake up Michal“ , „Gucci, where is your bowl“ or „Bring your string“ . But I know that he understands and when he wants to, with adequate reward, he’ll do that.

Gucci is available for stud from 5. 4. 2008. He is on upper level of height, but well balanced black brindle dog. He has level topline, wide front, deep brisket. His movement is powerful and agile. His ears are rose and has complete scissor bite.

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